Shoppable video
for DTC sales
DTC Brand on Shopify?
Boost your webstore conversion by 10% or more
with guaranteed 10x ROI, or you pay nothing!
100 seats available
9 out of 10 DTC ecommerce brands name conversion rate
as one of top-3 business challenges

73% of consumers would most like to watch a short video
to learn about a product or service
source: The State of Video Marketing 2022
Turn Your Existing Videos
into Shoppable Experiences
and Boost Your Webstore's Conversion Rate
1. Import existing videos from Instagram
Import existing brand's Instagram posts, reels and stories, new ones will be auto-imported
2. Make videos shoppable
Tag products featured in each video to turn them into shoppable experiences
3. Create shoppable video widgets
Add stories and carousel shoppable video widgets to your home, product, and collection pages
4. Track video-revenue and metrics uplift
Track both: directly generated and influenced video revenue, conversion rate, and AOV uplift
Bring video-commerce into your Shopify store
Grab attention
Overcome banner blindness with ChatPoint widgets — video engages consumers where static images blend in
Build trust
Shoppable videos help bridge the trust gap with a genuine showcase of your products and your brand values
Boost conversions
Boost your webstore's conversion rate by selling directly through shoppable videos and drive video revenue
Uplift AOV
Greater trust leads to larger orders. Measure your video-influenced AOV uplift with ChatPoint analytics
Boost your Shopify DTC store
conversion rate by 10% or more
in 30 days with shoppable videos,
without creating new content!

10x ROI guaranteed,
or you pay nothing!
100 seats available
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